BGWC Humane Society takes in dogs from Edmonson Co. cruelty case

BGWC Humane Society Helps Animals Form Cruelty Case
Published: Jul. 1, 2022 at 3:18 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Bowling Green/Warren County Humane Society is aiding animals from the Edmonson County cruelty case.

Ten dogs were found alive, and they are now in the care of the Humane Society.

All animals received veterinary medical attention immediately.

”We are the contracted shelter for Edmonson County, so any kind of call that they get their Animal Control Officer will usually contact us and let us know that he’s coming,” said Adoption Counselor Katlyn Hare. “He called us late last night and told us that he was on his way and that it was a cruelty case, we would be getting between eight and ten coonhounds from a place that was in really really bad condition. Then, we kind of waited around for him and he never came, so we thought that maybe he wasn’t coming anymore, but it was a lot worse than he expected. So, we called him and got an update and that’s he told us that they were picking up corpse off of the property, and so it would be about another hour and a half.”

Hare explains the conditions of the dogs when they were brought in.

”Coonhounds are typically a thinner breed of dog, but you shouldn’t be able to see every bone in their body. A lot of these are super thin. Today we were able to get weights on all of them, we dewormed all of them, and gave them flea and tick medication. A lot of them are covered in ticks. They have hair loss, they’re filthy. A lot of them have black all-around their necks from living on a chain for who knows how long. Four of the ten of them were heartworm positive, so we’ll have to follow through with treatment. We’re going to treat all of them, of course. Later on this afternoon, our vet is going to do a work-up on all of them and see what he thinks, and we’ll have to go from there as far as medical treatment goes.”

Madolyn Franklin, Adoption Counselor, explains the conditions that the animals were living in on the property.

”They were living on chains in pens with corpses. No food, hardly any water. There were dead dogs laying all around them. They had birds tied up to try and get to them, but they couldn’t get out of their pens to get to them. One of the cages actually had boards in it to where when the dog passed away it would just fall to the bottom so that way he didn’t have to clean it up,” Franklin says.

The Humane Society is adamant about the health of these animals. They are receiving medical treatment daily. They say each one of these dogs is extremely friendly and sweet. They will soon be up for adoption to loving homes.

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