Bowling Green Independent School District brings on 2 new therapists

Two new therapist positions created in the Bowling Green Independent School District
Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 8:37 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The Bowling Green Independent School District has brought on two new on-site therapists for the district.

“Students, a lot of times, don’t have access to mental health services. So, having an on site program is invaluable to them to help them manage the stress and anxiety that’s associated with school,” said the district’s Mental Health Supervisor, Tanner Steelman.

With the two newcomers the district will have a total of five on-site therapists.

With the new additions, the district will have therapists at the Learning Center, Bowling Green Junior High School, Dishman Elementary, Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary, T.C. Cherry Elementary and Bowling Green High School.

“We saw the program as very beneficial to the district and furthering academic endeavors and addressing students’ mental health needs,” Steelman said. “So we worked with Lifeskills to grow that programming and get more therapists.”

The therapists will be available to provide daily counseling to the students, as well as one-on-one guidance.

“They will develop a group of students that they are responsible for,” Steelman said. “Treatment variants based on the needs that they have, based on what problems come about.”

With incidents like the school shooting in Texas still heavy on parents’ minds, Steelman is hopeful that more therapists will cut down on school violence.

“Most acts of school violence come out of that as untreated mental health and anxiety,” Steelman said. “It’s also getting to know your student population. So, with the more knowledge that you have, and the more relationships that you have with students, that’s going to significantly impact the risk of school violence.”

Steelman says school safety is the name of the game.

“We treat students like family and we get to know them and get to know what’s going on in their world,” Steelman said. “If we can do that on a grand scale, school safety is gonna go way up.”

Above everything else, Steelman wants students to know that the administration cares.

“We take students’ mental health needs with the utmost priority. Our board is working in a direction to make sure that we can provide students with those services whenever they’re needed,” Steelman said.

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