WCPS Mental Health Counselor: Helping your kids through back-to-school anxiety

Lisa Rice of WCPS discusses dealing with back to school anxiety
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 6:38 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - With the swipe of a debit card and the ring of a cash register, back-to-school shopping is getting checked off many parents’ to-do lists.

Along with kids being excited about wearing their brand new shoes and clothes and seeing their friends again, there are some kids that may be feeling a little anxious.

The thought of going back to school for some kids can be overwhelming for a number of reasons.

Lisa Rice a Mental Health Counselor with Warren County Public Schools talked with Kelly Austin Monday about helping our kids get back to school with less anxiety.

She advises, “As a parent, take your own temperature. Make sure you aren’t passing your anxiety on to your kids. You want to pass on confidence. Listen to their feelings. Validate their feelings. ‘I know it’s hard.’ Don’t dismiss their feelings, but help them remember they probably felt this way last year and the year before. What helped them overcome their anxiety before?”

Other suggestions include:

  • Normalize their feelings
  • Do some practice runs
  • Go to your school’s open house, if you can’t do that go by the school to ask questions, find out who their teacher is, etc.
  • Talk to someone at your school about it. Speak to your student’s teacher or counselor to let them know your concerns so they can be aware and help develop a plan to address them.

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