Cliffs of Moher talks drinking safety on the square

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 10:48 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Like many other bars on the square, Cliffs of Moher joined in on the new Fountain Row Entertainment District.

“A lot of that is our hours because it is going from 11am to 9pm,” said Cliffs of Moher’s General Manager, Brigid Langdon. “Since we’re open all those hours, and we have people coming in and out throughout the day, it just kind of seems like we should do it.”

Langdon said the decision didn’t come without a few concerns though.

“We already see where people attempt to sneak in airplane shooter bottles or keep a pint in their car. That was a concern with people just having a cup, being able to give it to a friend and then pour their own liquor into it where we can’t see what’s going on.”

Langdon said that to combat drunk driving, the pub has added a few of their own rules along with Fountain Row’s.

“A big one is we’re not doing stuff beyond beer and wine. We’re also making sure that we’re not selling cups to people without pouring drinks in them and knowing who’s taking the cups out.”

With classes at Western Kentucky University on the horizon, and the new open container policy, the pub has begun preparing for the influx of new patrons.

“Having door staff on the weekends and busy nights that are checking IDs and making sure people aren’t being let in by their friends or bringing in fakes. Something else with that, one of the reasons we’re only doing beer is I think it’s a little easier to tell if there’s a cup with beer in it then if we were selling liquor in those same cups.”

Currently, The Fountain Row rules state that all to-go alcoholic drinks must be purchased from participating businesses and cups must be disposed of before leaving the district, or patrons could be cited or arrested. Langdon said that as long as bars, and patrons, follow the rules, everything will be ok.

“I think most of the businesses down here and do a really good job,” Langdon said, “We’re all responsible for our liquor licenses and our staff have to be ABC certified to serve alcohol. So we take it very seriously.”

More information on Fountain Row and its rules can be found online.

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