Students at Alvaton Elementary give presentations on leadership to Leadership Kentucky

Leadership KY Visits Students at Alvaton Elementary
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 1:01 PM CDT
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ALVATON, Ky. (WBKO) - Students at Alvaton Elementary had the chance to give presentations, Friday morning, to current leaders about their future roles in leadership and some of the tools they might need to be successful in getting to them.

The event was part of Leadership Kentucky, a program where current leaders travel across the state to hear from young future leaders.

One of the leaders sitting in the audience for the presentations was LaKisha Miller, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center who said it was great to see how the students would approach business and leadership.

“To be able to see nine-year-old 10-year-olds talk to you about what leadership means to them,” she said, “It gives you hope, these are the people that are gonna have the world in a little while, and I think that’s going to be exciting just to hear their thoughts and what their challenges are, because if we can do anything to remove those roadblocks and give them the runway to be the leader that they want to be that’s the goal.”

When asked about the value of being a good leader, Miller echoed a statement a friend of her said. “A very good mentor of mine says a good leader is somebody that really understands how to move out of somebody’s way and see them grow,” Miller said.

6th Grader Callie Richey, who has been in the program since she was in First Grade, was one of the student speakers at the morning’s event.

“it was kind of crazy. It was like, there were so many people watching,” said 6th grader Callie Richey, one of the students who spoke about her time in the program, “And it was adults, too. I’ve only spoken in front of like kids from this school. And I really enjoyed it”.

Richey also added that a good leader is someone who not only knows how to lead but also knows when to follow.