Logan County kicker breaking barriers in football

Logan County kicker breaking barriers in a male-dominated sport
Published: Sep. 9, 2022 at 2:34 AM CDT
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LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Currently the Logan County Cougars are sitting at 3-0, but just what makes them special this season?

Well for starters, their kickers typically have a unique back story and this season it is no different.

Kyla Bilyeu is only the second female kicker in Logan County High School history to ever take part in the varsity football team.

Kyla is no stranger to the limelight, playing three sports including football, soccer, and basketball.

She adds that being inspired by her brother made her want to try to play football.

“My brother Thomas Bilyeu, he was a kicker a couple of years ago, he did kickoffs with a couple of, a couple other of his soccer friends. And I’ve always looked up to him like my entire life, and I thought it was really cool what he did and I asked my mom if I can do it as well. And she said, yeah, and I showed up at some practices and started in eighth grade,” said Kyla Bilyeu.

Coach Todd Adler says it’s great for the program that more girls are becoming interested in playing.

“The sky’s the limit, you know, I think there’s more and more coming you know, Russellville has won across town and they can do the job just like a male can you know, it takes the physicality out of football a little bit, but that’s still a very, very important job for the game of football. You know, there’s girls that’s doing in college now and I think it’s a growing thing and I think it’s great,” added Coach Adler.

This Friday, the Logan County Cougars will take on the Franklin-Simpson Wildcats in Simpson County, game time is at 7 p.m.