Locals react to new apartment complex coming to Bowling Green

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:36 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The City-County Planning Commission of Warren County has voted to approve a new 48-unit apartment complex on Three Springs Road in Bowling Green.

The new complex will be built across from Aviation Heritage Park and between Silver Lakes and Silver Springs homes.

With the ever-growing population in Warren County, comes an increase in occupancies and prices, much like the new 48-unit apartment complex.

Many people are finding it difficult to find affordable housing, or housing in general with apartment rents being raised nearly 3% each year.

Some people and residents of Warren County took to social media to voice their concerns about how hard it is to actually find a place to live.

“From what I have seen, it is not finding the apartment that is difficult. It is finding one that is priced right. A lot of landlords are pricing rent way beyond anything reasonable. It is ridiculous,” Jon said on Facebook.

“It took me 16 months to find somewhere I could afford - the housing market here (in Bowling Green) should be considered a crisis,” Sarah said on Facebook.

“Everything is $1000. It is crazy. To be able to live comfortably, you have to pay so much.” Amy writes.

Brent Childers, the City of Bowling Green’s Director of Neighborhood and Community Services says the biggest housing challenge is a mixture of many things including labor, inflation and affordability.

“I think it is really a combination of all of those things. That is what makes it so complex, it is not one thing. It is not just that we have to keep up with an every year we meet this number, that number is growing every year,” he said. “It seems in the last several years, it has accelerated very quickly.”

Housing prices are up 20.6% from August 2021. Although rent and mortgages keep increasing each year, household size is expected to remain the same over the next few years.

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