BG family back home months after tornado destroyed their house

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 1:12 AM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Back in December we brought you the story of Godfrey Hamisi and family who lost their home as a result of the tornadoes, now 9 months later they’re back at home, the same home they saw destroyed on December 11.

“So bad, first it was very hard to convince my family to go back to the same house, because most of them they were scared. They said I don’t wanna live the same area and I explained to them, this is a tornado, it is something you can’t know when it’s gonna come,” says MMunga Murani, Godfrey’s father, who recently moved back into their home alongside his family.

A sentiment that many that witnessed the tornado, or were impacted by it are also feeling.

“We just had a large family come in and asked for some mental health services. Because every time it rains, the kids get really scared, those are normal things and that’s what we’re still seeing in our community,” adds Melanie Watts, the director of community engagement for LifeSkills.

On Thursday, The Bowling Green-Warren County Disaster Recovery group hosted an event to help those that may still need assistance.

“We encourage everyone to come in the community, it doesn’t matter if you were in the tornado itself. If you have effects from the tornado, if you have family, loved ones, come with them, bring them,” adds Watts.

Watts with LifeSkills says that it is not only hard for the parents to take the initiative to go out and ask questions but also on the children especially those that may help their parents translate.

“The mom who just came in and did not speak English, but asked her daughter to translate and her daughter said, we just we just need to talk to someone about when it rains. And I said so you need, so it’s in your you know, in here (head), right? You need to talk to somebody? And she said, Yeah, I mean, you know, you have a nine year old who is relaying that. And that’s tough for the nine year old,” also says Watts.

For Mmunga and his family, they want to make sure that next time Mother Nature strikes, his family is ready.

“We want to build the shelter in the garage in case something can happen,” said Murani.

And if you have yet to get any assistance or have questions, there is another event next week

“The next event that we’re having is actually next Thursday, a week from today, the 29th. And it’s going to be Southern Kentucky Market downtown, open air, we’re going to provide some food again, we’re going to also have our services available,” said Watts.

She says events like these help tornado survivors mingle with those who probably have a lot more in common than they think.