Bowling Green man arrested for shooting his brother; claims self-defense

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 6:02 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A Bowling Green man was arrested Wednesday after being accused of shooting his own brother. He claims it was in self-defense.

Officials say the shooting happened in the 3000 block of Hunts Bend Road around 11:30 a.m. on Monday, September 19th. The older brother was driven by his grandmother to River Place, where first responders met them and then transported him to Skyline Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today was the first preliminary hearing for Aaron Nickels, the Bowling Green man who shot his brother with a single-shell, .410 shotgun earlier this week.

Nickels was charged with first-degree assault by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

The 22-year-old claims he was acting in self-defense, as his older brother was attempting to enter his room with a knife to stab him.

During the preliminary hearing, Warren County Detective Robert Smith said despite Nickels claiming self-defense over the phone, he would not claim it in-person at the sheriff’s office.

“He stated that his brother had been threatening him on-and-on for several days. He stated earlier that he was going to stab him,” said Detective Smith.

“He stated that his brother forced his door open and was armed with a knife. I explained that if he was claiming self-defense, it would be in his best interest to come talk to me. He stated that he did not want to do that and that he was talking to me now.”

Meanwhile, Nickel’s defense attorney, Travis Lock, said there is more than enough evidence for the defendant to claim self-defense - despite failing to appear in person - including that his brother is older and larger in comparison.

“I recognize that Aaron’s failure to immediately go and talk to the detectives on the day of the shooting is probably the reason he has the FTA high, if I had to guess,” said Lock.

“He turned himself in. He has voluntarily given a recorded statement. I would respectfully submit that there is no risk of FTA (Failure to Appear), no risk of flight.”

Aaron Nickels’ bond was originally set at $100,000 cash, but after today’s hearing, was lowered to $50,000. Judge Kim Geoghegan also ruled that both brothers, Aaron and Brandon, can no longer live in the same residency together.