Scott Waste addresses Bowling Green residents’ recent trash issues

Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 6:37 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - A recent contract made between Scott Waste and Warren County has caused a frenzy for many Bowling Green residents.

On Aug. 1, the Scott Waste-Warren County contract went into effect, and on Aug. 12 the company implemented a rule that the trash cans must sit curbside for pickup, rather than their usual “back door service.”

“We have implemented some newer technology so we’re using automated side-load trucks. Prior to Aug. 12, if you had a trash can anywhere on your property, we were going to go find it,” Sam Upperman, a site manager with Scott Waste said.

Alongside this rule, they will also no longer offer unlimited trash pick up, and instead, the company will only pick up one Scott Waste trash can full of trash and one large item.

“It’s (was) kind of an unlimited garbage service, so whatever they put out, we would take, and now- it’s limited,” said Upperman.

Considering the workings of the new hydraulic arms on these trucks, the trash can must be 3 feet away from anything.

This is to avoid making a mess, an instance where it is too close to other things, Scott Waste will have to pass on your home.

“Each resident needs to determine what the safest spot is for them at their household. Three feet away from everything so that hydraulic arm can come out there and service safely and efficiently,” Upperman said.

Upperman added the company will no longer be responsible for emptying personal trash cans, but for an extra $5 a month, residents can receive and use an extra Scott Waste trash can that the company will take care of weekly.

“There’s some households that need that amount, so again it’s a nominal fee of $5 per month for each additional cart,” Upperman says.

Residents can also leave up to 10 bags worth of yard debris up to 50 pounds out on the curb.

The site manager with Scott Waste mentioned that trash can be picked up from places other than the curb if residents are unable to bring it down.

“Back door is still available for those that need it. But, it’s contents of cart plus one bulky item per week. We ask that the cart be brought down curbside,” said Upperman.

Upperman said they are doing their best to continue to clean up Bowling Green neighborhoods while also following their new guidelines.

“We’re your neighbors, we live in this community too... we don’t want a messy community. We want to clean it up, we want to take the garbage, but we need a little help in order to make that efficient,” he said.

For more information about Scott Waste and trash pickup, call 270-783-4016, visit their waste connect app or click here.