“Murder Mansion” tour tells about Bowling Green’s dark history

Unseen Bowling Green’s Historic Walking Tour tells the tale of the “Murder Mansion”
Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 10:38 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It was a late summer night in 1948 when Dr. Charles Martin and his wife, Martha, were murdered in their luxurious mansion.

Unseen Bowling Green’s Historic Walking Tours take tourists behind the scenes of some of the Vette City’s infamous bits of history.

Unseen Bowling Green has hosted many walking tours this spooky season, but the walking tour behind the infamous “Murder Mansion,” leaves many people to wonder about what exactly happened that night in the Martin household.

Debbie Eaton helps tell the story of what happened that fateful night from the perspective of the victim’s daughter-in-law, Ruth Ann McKinney.

“Every year, we try to bring a little bit of Bowling Green’s history,” said Eaton.

“Every time, people tell me “Well, I knew that person,” or “I knew that person’s son,” and they are amazed at the history that is involved.”

The tour tells the history of the home, the family, and the mysteries behind the murders that occurred on that fateful night.

Eaton says that the owners of the house now say it is a lovely home, but others, not so much.

“They tell us that the house is a very happy place,” said Eaton. “They have not had any mysterious happenings, but a lot of their guests feel a little uncomfortable about the home and what happened in it.”

Some tourists say that they would take the tour again if given the chance due to the history of the murders and because of how they felt like they were involved in the story themselves.

“The mansion was beautiful. We actually got to go up on the grounds and have a good look at it. It was like we were involved in the story,” said Renee Wedding, who has taken the “Murder Mansion” walking tour before.

“It is interesting because I never would have thought something like that would happen here, but I do know that we have had some crazy things over the years. It does not really surprise me, I guess,” said Penny Wheeler, a first-time “Murder Mansion” tourist.

The tours have been so popular this Halloween season, that tickets have been sold out for weeks.

There are only a couple of Unseen Bowling Green tours left this Halloween season, but they say they will have more next Halloween.

They also say they are hoping to have more tickets available due to the tour’s popularity.