Fallen police officer honored at fishing tournament in Edmonson County

Edmonson County native and Louisville Metro Police Officer was killed last December in the line of duty.
Bass Fishing Tournament to honor fallen officer
Published: Oct. 29, 2022 at 7:45 PM CDT
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EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - The first ever Zachary Cottongim Memorial Bass Tournament was held earlier today to honor the fallen Louisville Metro Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty last December.

Zachary Cottongim was a resident of Edmonson County and served as a Louisville Metro Police Officer for seven years.

“Zach always knew that law enforcement was what he wanted to do. He just wanted to help. He just wanted to serve,” said Josh Casey, owner of C&C Firearms and Outdoors.

“He wanted, specifically, to go to Louisville. He wanted the challenge of working in a bigger town, and it was his passion.”

Sadly, he was killed in the line of duty last December at the age of 29.

His family wanted to find a way to honor their brother’s memory, and said that there was one thing he was passionate about besides his career.

“He worked all the time,” said Erica Ellis, Cottongim’s sister.

“The days he did have off of work, he spent with his family, fishing, and giving back to other people.”

Zachary’s family reached out to C&C Firearms and Outdoors in Edmonson County, and the first ever Zachary Cottongim Memorial Bass Tournament was born.

“This was my sister Ashley’s idea. She wanted something to not only honor our brother, but to give back to people because that is what Zach always did,” said Ellis.

“What better way to do that than to give back to the Edmonson County that Zach went to?”

The proceeds from the tournament would not go to the Cottongim family or C&C Firearms and Outdoors, but to Zach’s alma mater, Edmonson County High School, and their Fishing team.

One of the members of the Fishing team, Jake Coy, says the money raised for the team will help in more ways than one.

“Oh, it was awesome! We were ready for it. We are ready to have the money that we can spend on stuff for the team,” said Coy.

“We can travel and go to different lakes. Hopefully, we will be able to get a lot of stuff with the money we got today.”

Josh Casey of C&C Firearms and Outdoors says that none of this would have been possible without the heart of the Edmonson County community.

“I just think it shows you a little bit about who this community is. It shows what is at the core of their soul, their heart, and where their values lie,” said Casey.

“They would have come out to support this family, whether he (Zachary) was law enforcement or not, because he was just one of their own.”

There are plans to make this fishing tournament an annual event. If it was anything like today, it is sure to be a success.

The tournament raised over $1,000 for the Edmonson County High School Fishing team, all while honoring the life of a native of Edmonson County.