No names on Butler County ballot for City Council, Mayor

Only write-in candidates were on the ballot for the two big races in Rochester
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 6:01 PM CST
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ROCHESTER, Ky. (WBKO) - On November 8, 2022, two of the biggest races took place in the small town of Rochester, but there were no names on the ballot for Mayoral or City Council candidates. Instead, it only featured a spot for write-in candidates.

This led to a bit of confusion for some Rochester voters.

In order to become an official write-in candidate, it has to be approved by the County Clerk.

Sherry Johnson, the Butler County Clerk, said it was important for the certified write-in candidates to hit the ground running on their campaigns, considering voters needed to know who to write in on the ballot.

“If they are going to do a write-in, then they are going to have to do a lot of campaigning because they have to inform the people,” said Johnson.

“We talked to some of them, and they filed as write-in candidates. They came and were certified write-in candidates because those were the only ones that would count and we certify that.”

Because of the size of the town, this is not the first time that no names have been on the ballot for races like these.

“We have had it happen before because Woodbury and Rochester are both small cities. I think Rochester has a little over 100 (people), and Woodbury only has 60-something (people),” said Johnson.

Johnson also said, in future elections, voters should be informed before heading to the polls and know about the resources available at polling locations.

“They need to be informed of who it may be, who may be a candidate. Whenever they go to the polls, when they go in and sign in on the ePoll books, they need to ask the clerk if there is a write-in list. If they ask for the write-in list, the clerk will let them see the write-in list,” said Johnson.

Next time you see a slot for only write-in candidates on a ballot, remember to take advantage of the resources at the polls.

Despite having no names, Martha Rowe, Lindsay Benton, and Bryant McClellan were all named to the Rochester City Council. The fourth seat will be appointed by the Mayor.

Patrick O’Driscoll, who ran unopposed, won the race for Mayor of Rochester. He won the race after serving on the Rochester City Council for the last two years.