Russellville native stars in new Netflix show “The Mole”

Russellville-born and raised, Kesi Neblett gave us a look at how she went from growing up in a small town to starring in a popular Netflix show.
Published: Nov. 18, 2022 at 6:35 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Russellville-born and raised, Kesi Neblett, is doing big things on the big screen. She gave us a look at how she went from growing up in a small town to starring in a popular Netflix show.

Neblett was a student at Gatton Academy in Bowling Green and after graduating, she attended Columbia University as a division one volleyball player.

She went on to become a computer analyst at Goldman Sachs in New York. Shortly after she quit her cooperate job, Neblett learned of a new and exciting opportunity from one of her old Gatton Academy classmates.

“He essentially said, ‘I think you’d be great at this. You should take a shot at it.’ And I was sitting in the living room with my brother and just started laughing because I was newly unemployed and It just felt very supernatural and I replied to him ‘of course, I’ll try it out, all I have is time,’” said Neblett.

Soon enough, the 28-year-old became known as the mole as seen on Netflix’s new show based in Australia called, “The Mole.”

Kesi says the filming took three months, and it premiered on Netflix on October 7th of 2022.

“They kept asking me if I would be the mole, If I would be the Mole, and I kept saying no, until the last time I actually said ‘yes,’ because it could be fun. I thought it would be stressful and really hard. But after I thought about it, it could be a lifetime experience. And that’s exactly what it was,” said Neblett. “Being the mole is kind of like having all the answers to the test, and watching other people take the test and you already know what’s correct and incorrect.”

The newfound reality star says her parents raised her to accept and fight for change, and because of this, she credits so much of her success to them.

Kesi’s father was a civil rights activist who once marched with Martin Luther King and even met with former President Barrack Obama.

“He was marching with Martin Luther King, he was going to Ku Klux Klan rallies. And when you think about what they did in their 20s, they carried this incredible message throughout my childhood, which meant that embrace change and fight for what you believe in and push through adversity,” said Kesi.

She mentioned that the community of Russellville shaped her to be who she is today, and is forever grateful for the support of her hometown.

“I’ve traveled far and wide. I’ve lived in New York for a long time. But Russellville always has a special place in my heart. The people built me and I wouldn’t be who I am without that community,” said Kesi.

Moving forward, Neblett hopes to explore her creative side by focusing on her writing and the opportunities within that realm.