Glasgow Police works with local church to hand out $100 during traffic stops

Overall, police handed out $2500 to those who may need some extra help this holiday season.
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 10:51 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It’s usually not smiles when getting pulled over, but Glasgow Police have flipped the script.

Rather than giving tickets, officers gave out envelopes with $100 cash.

This is the sixth year Glasgow Police has teamed up with River Lake church to hand out money to the community

“That comes from the church but also comes from each individual,” said a volunteer with the church, Kim Braun. “The church is in charge of it and they want to give this community and I believe every member is strongly for it.”

An idea that Braun says came from a want to help the community.

“Our church is really big on the community,” Braun said. “This time of the year, we believe people need a blessing. We’d like to provide that.”

A welcome surprise, just in time for the holidays.

“$100 goes a long way, especially this time of the year with property taxes and Christmas around the corner, but probably what I’ll do with the $100 just to kind of pay it forward. Seeing someone that possibly needs a helping hand,” said recipient Lorie Crowe.

And an extra boost, for those who needed it.

“Probably more groceries,” said recipient Cindy Tucker when asked what she’d do with the money. “I take care of my mom, so it comes in handy.”

“We’ve got a grandbaby and a daughter that could sure use some help,” said recipients Josh and Susan Berry. “It’s definitely a blessing.”

Though it was his first year doing the project, Glasgow Patrol officer Josh Hardin says, he’s hopeful to have changed some of the community’s perception of police.

“We have a job to do just like people wake up and go do their jobs might be a factory or might be fast food restaurant,” Hardin said. “I’m pretty excited. It helps us get a good relationship with the community as well.”

Overall, police handed out $2500 to those who may need some extra help this holiday season.