Graphic contents revealed in threat to area schools, senators

The threat was made towards Bowling Green High School, Warren Central High School and Allen County-Scottsville High School.
Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 7:33 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Bowling Green High School, Warren Central High School, and Allen County-Scottsville High School received a shooting threat from a Lexington-based website late Wednesday night.

Bowling Green Independent Schools and Warren County Public Schools remained open today with a heavy police presence, while Allen County Public Schools decided to shut down.

The threat included the addresses of each of the area high schools and was directed at students, as well as both Senators from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul.

WBKO News has obtained a copy of the threat made to the schools and state officials.

We want to warn our viewers that the contents of the threat made are disturbing.

We also want to add that the threat does include grammatical errors and we have censored the explicit language.

The threat reads:

“Im going to wait until the right time when none of you all expect it. Then its all gona go down. Im gona inflict the same pain on all ur mother ****** kids as u all have made us go through. Im goin to shoot as many of ur ******* dumb **** country right wing fascist mother ****** kids as I can when you least ******* expect it. theyll scream good and ill live stream that ****! Im gona be ******* famous!!!!!! Nik Cruz aint ****! u all want to vote mitch mcconnell and rand paul then u all deal with what comes with that. And the only way ur gona learn is when ur ****** racist ******* kids are on the ground bleeding out. Then youll know what the rest of us have to live with on a daily basis because of the fascists you voted in. Want fascism? Ill be happy to give it to you. I want you all to look at your dead kids and know it was because of how you voted I want you to feel the hate I feel for every single one of you vermin and to know how bad I want them all dead. I want you all dead!!! If I could kill every single one of you I would. You right wing fascist ***** are what is wrong with this ****** up country, since I cant kill all of you I can take a few of your rodent children down. I want you all to live with it every day every single ******* day that this backwards ******* state voted for fascist *****. If I could id kill rand paul and mitch mcconnel donald trump god ld love to kill them all and enjoy every moment but I cant get to them sadly but I can get to your kids. I definitely will and there aint **** you can do about it. What are you gona do? Lock them inside? Ill do it when they are leaving the school. Ill do it at a football game ill do it whenever I ******* want. You cant stop me. And ill take a few pigs with me too. You think some meat headed pig can do ****? Only thing pigs are good for is fryin like bacon. I think about killing and watching and enjoying them dying every single time I see some fat *** pig waddling around. So **** ur pigs and **** every single one of u *****.”

Gary Fields, Superintendent of Bowling Green Independent Schools, said that although schools in Bowling Green and Warren County did not close down because of the threat, his number one priority was his student’s safety.

“We also know that the most important thing for our students, especially after the last couple of years, is we want our students to feel safe at school,” said Fields.

“We want them to be at school. We appreciate families trusting us to send their kids to school. We have had a great school day today, we will have one tomorrow, and this last week heading into the holidays.”

Rob Clayton, Superintendent of Warren County Public Schools, explained that while WCPS does understand the severity of this threat, it is being handled to its fullest extent by law enforcement.

“If we felt like the school was not the safest place for our students to be today, we certainly would have responded differently,” said Clayton when asked why WCPS decided to remain open today.

“Our schools are a part of our community. We fully recognize that when situations like this occur, it is going to impact a lot of people. At the end of the day, we ask that our families trust us, not by what we share orally, but by our actions.”

Local law enforcement officials are working with the FBI to investigate the root of the threat.

Scottsville Police Department responded to the threat towards Allen County Schools, saying they as well as the Allen County Sheriff Department will provide extra security and patrol on all Allen County Schools’ campuses in the weeks to come.

“We ensure you that the safety of our school students and staff are of utmost importance, and we will work diligently with all agencies to provide the safest learning environment for Allen County students,” the police department stated on Facebook.

The FBI Louisville branch also commented on the threats, stating that while there’s no indication the threats are credible, they are taking them seriously and working with local authorities to identify those responsible.

“Even if these threats are deemed hoaxes, they could still be prosecuted as federal crimes,” the FBI stated. “Hoax threats are not a joke as they disrupt school, waste limited law enforcement resources, and cause unnecessary distress to our students, school personnel, and parents.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kentucky Safe School Tipline at 866-393-6659.

For more information regarding the initial threat and updates, click here.