Having issues getting WBKO over the air? Here’s how to fix it.

Published: Jan. 12, 2023 at 11:48 AM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - You may have noticed recently that when viewing our channels, you will see new numbers or have odd experiences.

We recently added some new hardware, and with that came a minor change in how our channels are broadcast over the air.

Don’t worry; this does not mean you will not see them. You will still get our channels if you are in the viewing area.

So, what is the solution to the broken channels?

Rescanning your channels will help restore the connection.

How to do that depends on the type of TV that you may have. Here are some basic steps that could help solve the issue.


Most often, it will be in your TV’s Main Settings. You will want to press MENU and look for CHANNEL SETUP. There may be an additional step with AUTO-PROGRAM. This will not show up if you have disconnected your antenna or cable.


This Solution requires the first Solution with Rescanning. After rescanning, try removing the antenna waiting 30 seconds, and reseating it back on the RF connector. This should help with restoring the signals.

Newer and more modern TVs will take more steps to get to the rescan process. This may include different wording and a separate menu to look for. We have listed the two most common modern TV Operating Systems that you will come across when looking for the rescanning option.


1. Press HOME on your remote

2. Choose SETTINGS from the menu on the left

3. In the Settings menu, select TV INPUTS

4. Select ANTENNA TV (This may say BROADCAST TV on some models)

5. Select SET UP INPUT (This may say SCAN FOR CHANNELS on some models)

Each TV manufacturer uses a different term to describe a rescan. Most Roku TV’s call their rescan function “Scan for Channels” or “Set up input.”


On your supplied remote press HOME.

Select SETTINGS, it may look like a gear or cogwheel.

This next step will vary with most TVs.


When you get to the CHANNEL SETUP, you will want to look for AUTO PROGRAM or RESCAN.

You may find that your TV does not have Operating Systems listed or a step may be named a unique way. If that happens you will want to reach out to your TV’s support website or call. We appreciate you watching our station and hope this guide has helped with getting the channels restored.