Jaxon Kenner signs his Letter of Intent to Georgetown College

Jaxon Kenner signs his NLI to Georgetown College
Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 6:48 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Logan County senior lineman Jaxon Kenner signed his Letter of Intent to continue his academic and athletic career at Georgetown College.

“It’s a bit emotional,” Kenner said. “It’s something that you dream about your whole life. And getting to actually experience it is something else.”

Jaxon described the moment he knew he wanted to be a Tiger.

“I went up there to Georgetown, they asked me to come on a visit. Two days later, I was up there touring the campus, touring the facility. I felt like that’s where God was leading me to be at.”

Jaxon took an extra year in high school due to the Covid-19 pandemic that allowed high school athletes to take another year in school if they wanted to. He said he was way smaller his junior year than he is now and his coaches convinced him to use the “Covid year” to get bigger and better. He trusted what they said and decided to stay another year. And with that extra year, Kenner did something no one else at Logan County has done.

“I chose to instead of just staying back and taking a lazy year, I went ahead and got my associated degree so I have an associated degree in sales. So I took advantage of that. Lot of hard work, lot of sleepless nights but you gotta do what you gotta do to be successful.”

He says getting his associates degree while being in high school will help him when he gets to campus. While his friends were out enjoying time together, eating food together, he had to focus on school and test in his off time.

“Nobody really understands what it’s like. I think it’s going to really prepare me for the college world when I get there and I’m like this isn’t hard to me because I did this in high school where I had to sit in class all day long.”

Kenner says what he’ll miss the most about being at Logan County is coaching the junior pro team and making an impact on younger kids lives. His favorite moment in a cougars uniform his favorite moment is when the Cougars were down 19-0 against South Warren and Logan County made a second half comeback to beat the Spartans.

He also talked about his favorite pancake he made. A pancake is when an offensive lineman blocks a defender so well, he puts him on the ground. His favorite pancake was in his very last game against Central where he picked the linebacker up off of his feet and drove him back five yards before putting him onto the ground.

You can catch Jaxon next fall in the Tigers uniform.