Southcentral Kentucky residents share experiences at Asbury Univ. Revival

Services are held in Hughes Auditorium for participants 16-25 years old. A public live-stream remains available during these services.
Published: Feb. 21, 2023 at 4:03 PM CST
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WILMORE, Ky. (WBKO) - Tens of thousands of people attended the almost two-week-long revival at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

While services are now closed to the public, some southcentral Kentucky residents are sharing their ‘incredible’ experiences as they attended the revival.

Paul Grider is a pastor at The Way Church in Horse Cave and attended the revival with his wife and teenage son on Valentine’s night.

“One moment, we would all just be kind of sitting there in complete peace, just kind of contemplating the things of God. And then within just a few minutes, then everyone would be kind of just jumping for joy and clapping and shouting Hallelujah. And it was just this ebb and flow of worship that was just so unique to that environment,” said Grider.

He went on to add that one of the most encouraging elements of the revival was the fact that it was started and led by a younger generation.

“I’m the pastor of a church. So, I’ve been to a bunch of revivals, but to be able to see it on this scale, and the fact that it’s being led by this new generation, by these young people... that was just such an incredible thing to see,” said Grider.

On Monday, Vickie Dixon of Glasgow attended all day with her cousin and said the experience was indescribable.

“I never imagined seeing a revival like this and made my heart happy,” Dixon said. “That’s a lot of people seeking God in one place. Just to feel the spirit.”

Meanwhile, Grider was amazed by the scale of the revival among the simplicity of it all.

“No lights, no screens, no, you know, special environment, I’m talking about really hard wooden seats, just your basic musical equipment, a piano and, and a guitar, and just young people that are hungry for God,” said Grider.

Over the weekend, there were possibly 10 to 20 thousand people in the small town of Wilmore. Age, culture, and denomination all varied among the large crowd.

“We met folks from different countries from Brazil and South Korea, and talk to people from all different denominations,” said Grider.

Though the revival ended for the public Monday night, the thousands and perhaps millions of eyes that were on small Wilmore, Kentucky have awakened a greater movement that many say is undeniable.

“There is something more going on than what you can see with your eyes than what you can hear with your ears,” said Grider.

The Outpouring services in Hughes Auditorium are reserved for participants 16-25 years old. However, a public live stream remains available during these services.