Bowling Green man donates kidney to golf partner, friend

Their common love of golf brought Eric Day and Robert Creek together four years ago at Bowling Green Country Club.
Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 4:47 PM CST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - The sport of golf brought two Bowling Green men together, potentially saving the life of one.

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Their common love of golf brought Eric Day and Robert Creek together four years ago at Bowling Green Country Club. Day had just moved to Bowling Green from Indiana.

“We were sitting on this deck that we’re sitting on now. And I was sitting over here just to the right of me, and Eric walks up,” said Robert Creek.

However, it’s a lifesaving gesture that has bonded them forever.

“It’s unbelievable that somebody would care enough to give you a second chance at life,” said Creek.

We introduced WBKO News viewers to Creek back in November, as he was seeking a kidney donation after being diagnosed with kidney disease in 2019.

“You get kind of discouraged when you’re on dialysis, and you never think anybody’s gonna give you a kidney. And it’s a big ask,” said Creek.

This, however, was not an ask too big for Day. After realizing he was a match for his golf partner, Day made that selfless decision to donate his own kidney to Creek.

“I don’t see that the risk is that great for what the reward would be,” said Day.

The surgery took place in Louisville on Feb. 7.

“We had dinner on February 6 that night. And then we went into the hospital together and were in the waiting room together. And we were across the hall from each other when we were going back. He went back first, I went back second, next thing I’ll wake up, I’ve got a new kidney,” said Creek.

Day was home 24 hours after the surgery which is perhaps a testament to others seeking to become donors.

“I hope that people look into it, invest the time to go get tested... I’m a big candidate for it right now,” said Day.

Less than a month after the surgery, the two can be seen putting on the green at the golf course, slowly but surely getting back to normal.

“I’m exercising again. Starting to hit golf balls again. And I’m really feeling like I’m back,” said Creek.

Some might call their meeting four years a hole-in-one, but this story proves it was fate. While it’ll be a little more time before they can play a full 18 holes, Creek’s health is finally on par.

“The gift he gave me is a second chance,” said Creek. “He saved my life, you know, and I’m grateful for it.”