Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero of the Month: Ricky Wooten

Hughes and Coleman honors Ricky Wooten as Hometown Hero of the Month
Published: Mar. 5, 2023 at 7:27 PM CST
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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - March’s Hometown Hero of the Month is brought to you by Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers.

Residents of Glasgow and Barren County know that when they need help, there is one person that they can always count on to be there.

Ricky Wooten serves as a counselor with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation at the Kentucky Career Center in Glasgow. He helps people with disabilities get jobs and training.

This position is special to him because he once utilized their services when he needed them and feels a debt of gratitude to the organization. Not only does Wooten help his clients find success in life, but he also dedicates his time and efforts to the success of his community.

“It’s an honor to work with him,” said Kellye Nadile-Soto, a friend of Wooten. “He has a way about him, an energy that is beautiful.”

The two have worked together on numerous community projects in Glasgow and Barren County. Kellye says she is blessed to be his friend.

No matter who is in need, Ricky is there to help. He never hesitates to help anyone in need.

“I don’t see people,” Wooten said. “When they need help, I just see them as needing help. I don’t see anything else.”

Much of his drive and conviction about helping his community comes from not always having luxuries in life when he was growing up.

“We learned from an early age to help people. I’ve talked to kids about school, I’ve helped the homeless, done a lot of stuff,” Wooten said.

Wooten has done work with Kiwanis, and Rotary, and has been instrumental in the Boys & Girls Club.

On holidays, Wooten and his family prepare meal boxes and gifts so that no one in the community is left out.

He organizes fundraisers and free events for the less fortunate in the community, but he doesn’t do it alone. Wooten sends out a call on social media and members of the community show up, eager to help him with his efforts.

“I had all these amazing people just volunteer their time. It’s a beautiful thing and that’s why I love this community,” Wooten said.

All of his generosity and love for the area come from his heart. Ricky says that when it comes from your heart and you don’t have to think about it, it is genuine.

“When you’re not genuine, people pick up on that,” said Wooten.

He loves everything he does for the community and how they all come together for good causes to make life a little easier for those that need extra help.

“I don’t care about titles and tags,” Wooten said, “I’m just Ricky, that’s it.”

For his unending generosity to his community, we recognize Ricky Wooten as the Hughes & Coleman Hometown Hero of the Month of March.