ReTree BG distributes trees to tornado victims

ReTree BG distributes trees to those who experienced loss in the tornado
Published: Mar. 25, 2023 at 10:27 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - ReTree BG was accepting requests for trees from Bowling Green residents who lost their trees in the tornado, or to recent wind damage.

ReTree BG, an organization with a mission to restore the tree canopy lost to the tornado, has been supplying trees to those who may have lost them for over a year now.

How many trees need to be replaced? That number is still unknown.

“It is in the thousands. I do not know that anyone has an exact count, but we are estimating between three and four thousand,” says Clara Verst, co-founder of ReTree BG. “That was before the March 3 event. We lost a bunch of trees then, so we need to get as many trees back as we can.”

ReTree BG offers nearly a dozen options of trees. They also play an important role in the environment around the city, other than just being nice to look at.

“The trees are so important, not only for aesthetics, but for erosion control, water runoff, shading, and noise reduction,” said Verst. “We just really want to get out there and get the trees back. We are doing it one tree at a time.”

ReTree BG filters through requests for trees by performing site consultations at the home or business of the requester, working to determine how they can best satisfy the needs of the affected area.

“When we go look at these sites, we go out to everybody’s yard that has requested a tree and we look to determine the best tree for their site,” said Verst.

ReTree BG is accepting volunteers and requests for those in need of a tree. To reach out to the organization, you can visit their Facebook.