Frazier Museum launches new app to take museum state-wide

Frazier History Museum is going virtual
Frazier History Museum is going virtual(tcw-wave)
Published: Apr. 17, 2023 at 4:37 PM CDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) – The Frazier History Museum announced today that a new app launched, which will bring the museum to Kentuckians across 120 counties.

The app is called Frazier+. It provides engaging and educational Kentucky history content—free of charge. Users can explore the museum’s collection of videos, photos, and texts to either heighten their in-person experience or learn from the comfort of their couch or classroom.

Accessible by users anywhere, the app is of particular benefit to folks in the 120 counties of Kentucky, taking the Frazier statewide, a news release said.

“The Frazier is where the world meets Kentucky,” president and CEO Andy Treinen said. “Now, we’re launching a free, engaging, educational app that brings great stories about Kentucky straight to your phone—anytime, anywhere.”

The free app is available for download for Android and iOS devices through the App Store and Google Play.

What does Frazier+ offer?

Frazier+ offers deep insight into many of the museum’s most compelling stories, objects, and figures. The app’s technology presents easy navigation by category, allowing users to explore specific exhibitions and projects.

Users will find professional videos that shed light on stories from our exhibitions, including Cool Kentucky, The Commonwealth: Divided We Fall, and The Spirit of Kentucky®. The notable Kentuckians featured include giant Jim Porter, seamstress Madame Glover, singer Sara Martin, ornithologist John J. Audubon, and novelist Sue Grafton. Users can also learn about the walking/driving audio tour The Journey, which focuses on the Underground Railroad and the lives of Lucie and Thornton Blackburn.

Select videos cross-posted to the museum’s YouTube channel include: an Introduction to the app, Hayley Rankin on Tori Murden and the American Pearl, Amanda Briede on documenting the enslaved, Hayley Rankin on the first Miss America from Kentucky, Mick Sullivan on a coal miner’s canary cage, and Haley Hicky on barrel staves.

“Keep in mind, the library of content is ever-growing!” curator of guest services Mick Sullivan said. “While Frazier+ currently features over fifty video and audio files, we’ll continue to record new content and upload it to the app frequently.”

Who can access it?

Anyone with a phone, tablet, or computer can access the app! That includes museum visitors, Kentucky history buffs, K-12 students, college students and adult learners, residents of senior care facilities, and others.

As an educational tool, Frazier+ is available to on-site student visitors who want to dig a bit deeper while exploring the galleries. It’s also available to educators who can access and share video content, supporting their work in the classroom.

“We’re especially excited for educators statewide to use Frazier+,” Sullivan said. “In classrooms throughout Kentucky, from Fulton County to Greenup, teachers can remotely incorporate Frazier+ content into their lessons.”

Where can you access it?

Inside the museum, visitors will now find signs with QR codes next to select objects. When you scan the code, a short video about that object will play on your device. For example, if you’re touring The Commonwealth and come across the 1830 sugar chest, you can scan the QR code in the case to access two videos of supplemental material: an overview of the function of the chest and a primer on sugar and the slave trade.

“Remember, Frazier+ is not only a great resource for our daytime museum visitors,” Sullivan added. “It’s also available to folks attending after-hours events, including Bridging the Divide panels, Bourbon programs, weddings, corporate parties, and group tours.”

But users outside the museum can access the app, too. With Frazier+, members of the public can explore the museum’s exhibitions and objects from the palm of their hand.

Where can I download it?

The free app Frazier+ is now available for download for Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded through the App Store and Google Play.

Note: upon downloading the app, a pop-up window prompts you to choose either “Download Content” or “Continue with internet instead.” We recommend you choose “Continue with internet instead”—unless you want to use the app without internet connection.

You can also access Frazier+ online—from your phone, tablet, or computer—at

Who hosts it?

Frazier+ is a service hosted by CultureConnect, a part of Axiell Group. CultureConnect creates mobile and digital experiences for museums, libraries, archives, and culture organizations. Its award-winning online exhibitions, virtual programs, K12 distance learning experiences, mobile tours and scavenger hunts, and interactive kiosks and in-gallery touch screen are all powered by its easy-to-use platform. Other institutions who utilize CultureConnect include the US House of Representatives, Monticello, and dozens of art and history museums located around the country.