City of Franklin, subdivision developer in legal battle over who repairs pot holes

Residents say the potholes have continuously grown deeper for seven years.
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 5:38 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Franklin city officials and Blackberry Ridge, LLC, a subdivision developer, are engaged in a legal battle to decide who is responsible for repairing a series of growing potholes in the Blackberry Ridge neighborhood.

While the two parties decide who is responsible for damages and maintenance, residents of the neighborhood are fed up with a lack of action.

“Over the years, they’ve gotten worse. Especially over in that area over there, it just seems like we’re in like, a sink hole because they just keep sinking in, sinking in. I’ve been here for seven years, it’s been progressing over the years,” said Sarah Maine, a resident of the subdivision.

The potholes’ effect has gone beyond just the residents of the neighborhood, and now impacts school bus routes.

“I know that the school buses, they have been having concerns about it because of how the pothole is, and by them bringing the kids around and having to be on one side of the street instead of the right side of the street, because of the potholes,” said Maine.

While the potholes have grown deeper and have further impacted those living in the subdivision, multiple residents say that rent has continued to increase.

Maine said, “Every year, they raise the rent maybe $25 to $50. You’re looking at a two-bedroom and you’re paying $1,200 for something like that, and you can’t even drive your car down the street without getting messed up or getting some type of damage to it.”

Blackberry Ridge installed the roads when the subdivision was built, but the city says that the roads did not pass inspection at that time. Because of that, the city claims that Blackberry Ridge must maintain and repair the roads.

When Blackberry Ridge was contacted for comment, a representative answered all questions with the same statement.

“Call the city.”

In 2021, Blackberry Ridge filed a civil lawsuit against the City of Franklin, asking that the city take responsibility for any damages and the future maintenance of the roads in the neighborhood. There’s been no decision, and the potholes remain unfixed until there is one.

“I think something should be done about it. I feel like we shouldn’t have to live like this,” said Maine.