The “400-Mile Sale” returns to Kentucky for its’ 20th annual year

The sale spans 400 miles across Highway 68, running through dozens of counties.
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 6:36 PM CDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - All across Kentucky, the “400-mile Sale” returns for the 20th consecutive year, bringing people out from all over the state to check out what treasures they might find.

The sale spans 400 miles across Highway 68, running through dozens of counties which gives any Kentuckian or those from out of the state a chance to participate as a vendor or shopper.

For some that have participated since the sale began, this weekend brings more than sales, it brings community and family to vendors along the path.

“For me and my family it’s because we’re together with the rest of our family,” said Elaine Blythe, a vendor in the sale. “It’s fun to be together and talk about old times and childhood memories and get to see a lot of people we haven’t seen in years.”

The sale attracts those from all over the state, so businesses along the Highway 68 path expect an increase in customers. This spike shows only another advantage for the community that comes from the sale.

Non-local shoppers get a chance to try local restaurants, bringing more business along the sale path. One restaurant, Roy’s BBQ, knows to prepare for the influx of customers that the sale brings.

“The yard sale kind of turned out to be a holiday,” said Mary Winn, a longtime Roy’s BBQ employee. “We know when the yard sale is in town we’re going to pick up, so we cook a little extra food for the customers.”

Roy’s looks forward to the annual event, but they understand how busy it will be. There’s no comparison to a normal day, they were even standing room only the first night of the yard sale.

“There’s no comparison. The different people we’re going to see today. How busy is it going to be,” said Winn. “Roy’s is always busy and then you multiply by I don’t know how much but a lot.”

The “400-Mile Sale” extends through Sunday, June 4th. For more information on vendors and restaurants along the path, you can visit their website.