POLICE: 2 fatalities confirmed in a three-car accident in Franklin

Both individuals were pronounced dead at the scene.
Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 11:31 AM CDT
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SIMPSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Kentucky State Police have confirmed that two people died in a car crash late Saturday night.

The crash occurred near the 6300 block of US-31W Bowling Green Road in Simpson County.

An investigation revealed that a driver in a GMC pickup truck, whose identity is currently unknown, was traveling southbound on Bowling Green Road when the truck crossed into the northbound lane.

A 17-year-old driving a Mazda was traveling north when the truck crossed over and hit him.

Both individuals were pronounced dead at the scene.

The GMC struck a third vehicle as it continued traveling southbound in the northbound lane.

The third vehicle was driven by 25-year-old Miracle Grana, who along with passenger Kathrine McCathron, were transported to Skyline Medical Center in Nashville.

A resident witnessed the crashed cars and shared a post regarding the incident.

The post read, “Last night on my way back from Bowling Green after dropping [off] one of my speakers off around midnight. I came across a horrible 3 car accident I know at least 1 person died because there was no [way] for us to get him out and he burned to death I can’t get the picture out of my head. Please put your phone down I know at least one person was on the phone when it happened because we found the phone with the person on the other end screaming [,] ‘what happened’ and yelling their name. We thought we found a live victim. I pray for all those involved and their families this morning. I know what it is like to receive that phone call.”

Franklin Simpson County Ambulance Service, Franklin Simpson Fire and Rescue, Simpson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Kentucky State Police Department all responded to the scene.