Ways to save money this Thanksgiving

The average cost for a typical Thanksgiving dinner in 2022 was $64.05 per person
Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 2:02 PM CST
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(InvestigateTV) — Americans consume more than 5 billion pounds of turkey each Thanksgiving, according to the Butterball Hotline, but not everyone wants to spend the day cooking.

Sara Bigham with Eventbrite said there are lots of different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving that don’t involve cooking.

She offered several suggestions:

Celebrate Thanksgiving with family fun run – there are lots 5Ks and Thanksgiving turkey trots happening across the country. Those who don’t run can walk and friends can cheer from the sideline.

Throw a theme party to avoid cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner – try an all-appetizer party, a dessert party or even a books and bourbon party with adult beverages.

Volunteer and give back – local soup kitchens may need help or look for an early holiday wrapping event for families in need.

Book a staycation – there are sometimes lots of good, last minute deals, at local hotels or bed and breakfasts.

To find events like this, go to Eventbrite.com and do a quick search.

Bigham said trying something new and avoiding the costs associated with Thanksgiving dinner could help you save money as well.