BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Juan Dozier has decided that he wants to help the future leaders on the Hill. The 2020 graduate has established the Juan H. D. Dozier II Scholarship in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. The scholarship will support a diverse WKU freshman or sophomore who is enrolled full time, has been involved in leadership roles in high school or college and aspires to be a leader at WKU

”I planned on doing this five or ten years from now. But I saw the perfect opportunity especially with everything going on in society, and I couldn’t pass up on this. I talked to my parents about it, friends, and different colleagues as well. I found that this was the perfect time to do it. So I established it, wrote out everything I wanted it to accomplish and it all came to fruition. The University backed me up a lot and I am thankful to get it up before the fall semester starts.”

The scholarship recipient will receive $500 for the entire academic year. Dozier says he hopes to continue to grow the amount and also hopes to have more than one winner. Dozier looks to one day have the scholarship cover an entire year for a WKU student.

Students will be able to apply for the scholarship through their “Top Dollar” account. It has not been decided if the scholarship will be available this fall or not.

Dozier says that the Bowling Green community meant so much to him during his time at WKU that he knew he wanted to give back.

“I’ve never been around a community like this. One that was so encouraging and uplifting. It was the best for me and the best for the people around me as well. Bowling Green is somewhere that I want to be long term.”

The Juan H. D. Dozier II Scholarship is part of the WKU Opportunity Fund, a donor-driven fundraising campaign to benefit WKU students by removing barriers for access to education through needs-based financial assistance in support of recruitment, retention and educational experiences that might otherwise remain out of students’ reach. The Juan H. D. Dozier II Scholarship will be administered by the College Heights Foundation at WKU.

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