RESCUED | Pot belly pig tortured, spray painted blue in Grayson, KY

GRAYSON, Ky. (WBKO) -- A pot belly pig was spray painted blue and tortured in Grayson, Kentucky.

According to a Facebook post by Tara Collins Gallion, she says the pig was left by its former owner and was then tortured by locals in the area.

"Owners moved and left her and now she wonders the roads. To be tortured by the stupid locals. They throw things at her and now decided to spray paint her!! If it soaks into her bloodstream she will die! They even sprayed her eyes, so she may be blind," said Gallion.

The post gardened thousands of likes and shares and ultimately led to her rescue. 13 News reporter Brandon Jarrett re-posted the photo.

13 News will be reaching out to the original poster and the person who rescued the pig and will continue following the recovery.

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