Aviation Heritage Park continues restoring their Huey Helicopter

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The newly acquired Huey Helicopter by Aviation Heritage Park is now entering it's second stage in the restoration process.

Last week we showed you how Southern Kentucky Blasting stripped the paint off the helicopter and today the helicopter was moved into the shelter at the park.

Jerry Roark is in charge of the restoration process and says everything went according to plan today, and moving the helicopter is a huge step in the restoration process.

"This is a pretty big milestone because now we've got it in the position to be able to put the rotor hub on, put the rotor blades on, and start filling and sanding and get it to hopefully look like it should look and as it did look in Vietnam."

The park plans to have the Huey restored in time to be unveiled at its annual Hangar Party in June.

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