Mrs. Kentucky USA helps hand out bus lunches as part of symbolic final walk

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 2:12 PM CDT
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Friday, Warren County kids who received a bus lunch were given a big surprise as Mrs. Kentucky USA joined the route Friday morning to help hand out lunches.

"So we are going to hop on the bus today and get to see these little faces that we have been receiving these lunches for the past few months and that have been so blessed by this," said Emily Campbell, Mrs. Kentucky USA.

Due to the COVD-19 pandemic state pageants have been canceled for the year. Which means no final walk as Mrs. Kentucky USA.

"So typically pageant titleholders will have a final walk when you are crowning next year's queen and since that isn't going to happen this year. I just really wanted to, instead of being on the stage and talking about my accomplishments and service for the year I just wanted to serve again," said Campbell.

Deciding to take a non- traditional symbolic "Walk." By serving her community one last time in this way she says that this is a gift and an honor.

"The joy that is on their faces of that yellow bus coming down the driveway. Just the normalcy of school when we are not their and them just running back inside with their bag and its almost like a gift and surprise to rummage through their bag and go and see what all has been given to them," said Campbell.

A joy that even her own children received from the bus lunches during this time out of school.

"Me and Shepard whenever it is just right down the road we play a game and like we either do some weird like dance thing or I spin him around or he gets on my back and it's really fun," said Darby Campbell, Daughter.

Emily says that she wanted to be able to serve her community one last time as Mrs. Kentucky USA and to say thank you to Warren County.

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