$100 Solution House hosts free monthly meal

Published: Apr. 13, 2016 at 9:33 PM CDT
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WKU residents of the $100 Solution House opened their doors to the community, students and staff for a monthly special occasion.

The students host a free warm meal monthly for the people who need it, using only $100.

WKU students have come together to fight something that hits many people close to home, hunger.

"We're really capable of doing great things on this campus. Part of the $100 solution is knowing you can change the world on a small scale and this is a perfect example of that," house resident, Ariel Moore said.

The $100 Solution House hosts monthly warm meals for people who might not have access to them. Each month, the group meets to decide what the next meal will be. This month, they chose tacos.

"A fiesta, you know, we're partying, the semester is almost over," house resident Kurtis Spears said.

The dinner brings all different types of people together in one room, who might not have met otherwise.

"That sense of community was always instilled, it was like instilled in me. And it's good to have that feeling here in Bowling Green. To feel connected to the community and the people around us because that's what we really want this house to be," Spears added.

The group says hosting the dinners have been successful, but they hope they can do more.

"We've had a lot of learning processes throughout this whole semester. So hopefully next year we can expand our horizons," Moore said.

The next free meal will be on Monday, May 9th to kick off finals week. Students will serve pancakes from 10 p.m. to midnight.