Bowling Green City Commission Candidate Rick Williams

Warren Co. Judge Executive - Jim Duffer, (IND)
Warren Co. Judge Executive - Mike Buchanon, R
Glasgow Mayor - Harold M.D. Armstrong
Glasgow Mayor - Dick Doty
17th Dist. St. Rep. - Malcolm Cherry, D
17th Dist. St. Rep. - Steve Sheldon, R
Warren Circuit Court Clerk - Sonya Corder, R
Warren Circuit Court Clerk - Brandi Duvall, D
Barren Co. Judge Executive - Gary Tilghman
Barren Co Judge-Executive - Micheal Hale, D
19th Dist. St. Rep. - Michael Lee Meredith, R
19th Dist. St. Rep. - William 'Bill' Fishback, D
Warren County Sheriff - Brett Hightower, R
Warren County Sheriff - Jerry Peanuts Gaines, D
Barren Co. Jailer - Aaron Bennett, R
Barren Co. Jailer - Tracy Bellamy, D
20th Dist. St. Rep. - Patti Minter, D
20th Dist. St. Rep. - Ben Lawson, R
Barren Co. Attorney - Mike Richardson, R
Barren Co. Attorney - Kathryn Thomas, D
22nd State Rep. - Brian 'Tiger' Gann, R
22nd Dist. St. Rep. - Wilson Stone, D
23rd Dist. State Rep. - LaToya Drake, D
23rd Dist. St. Rep. - Steve Riley, R
6th Dist. St. Sen. - Crystal Chappell, D
6th Dist. St. Sen. - C.B. Embry, R
32nd Dist. St. Sen. - Jeanie Smith, D
32nd Dist. St. Sen. - Mike Wilson, R
Bowling Green City Commission - Dana Beasley-Brown
Bowling Green City Commission - Carlos D. Bailey
Bowling Green City Commission - Joe Denning
Bowling Green City Commission - W. Paul Carter
Bowling Green City Commission - Don Langley
Bowling Green City Commission - Jennifer Morlan
Bowling Green City Commission - Sue Parrigin
Bowling Green City Commission - Richard Thornton
Bowling Green City Commission - Victoria Golden-Thompson
Bowling Green City Commission - Rick Williams
Bowling Green City Commission - Brian Slim Nash
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Gene Birk interviews candidates for selected political races in South Central Kentucky.


Following our interview with Glasgow mayoral candidate, Harold MD Armstrong, the Glasgow Police Department sent out the following news release:

"In a recent interview on WBKO some incorrect information was given concerning the Glasgow Police Department statistics. The information given out stated the Glasgow Police Department had a total of 24 officers and had lost 10 of those officers in the last 60 days, that information is incorrect.

"The current number of sworn officers is 37, and the number that has left the department in the last 71 days is a total of 5 officers with 1 of them returning to the Glasgow Police Dept. and 3 others have been hired."

Below is Mr. Armstrong's response to the Glasgow PD's statement:

"In response to my interview with Gene Birk I stated that we had 24 policemen working on the street and we lost ten of those officers. I’d like to revise that & state that 2 of the officers that are on the street did not leave after stating they were leaving the department, therefore there are 8 that are gone, their names are listed as Ford, Britt, Corbin, Poynter, Clark, Taylor, Johnson & Greer, the last name has since returned to the department but had left when I first got the information. The police department stated they had 37 officers instead of the 24 that I stated that was working the streets. However the 37 which includes detectives, policeman who are in the department and not patrolling the street, school resource officers, evidence officers, animal control and other clerical help all of which are not patrolling the street as police officers."

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