33rd annual Roller Coaster Yard Sale underway

Published: Oct. 4, 2018 at 6:08 PM CDT
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Thursday officially began the 33rd annual Roller Coaster Yard Sale.

Various yard sales are set up along the route, which runs through Highway 163, Highway 63, and Highway 90, covering several Kentucky counties and stretching into Tennessee. There are even a few vendors set up on Highway 68 in Barren County.

The Temple Hill area is a hot spot for the sale, but tents filled with antiques, tools, dishes, clothes, and food can be found every few feet along any highway on the route.

For the people involved in selling items, they said it's a year-long process to find the things they'll want to sell.

"Anything that I can get in my truck or on my trailer I'll buy," said Donald Ford.

He then re-sells those items, setting up his barn and his yard for customers during the annual Roller Coaster Yard Sale.

"There's been a few years we've had over 1,000 people come through here, just through my yard," Ford said.

The sale itself is three days long, running Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Ford says it takes at least a week to set up.

"I started last Saturday and I've been putting in 12 hours a day. I took off Sunday and every other day I've been down here about 12 hours just getting ready for this."

At another location down the road, Lyndal Rutledge said people started asking him about prices on items before he was even done setting up Thursday morning.

"It's almost full-time work," he said.

But both men said their favorite part is meeting the people, and that's what keeps them at it year after year. Both men have been participating in the yard sale for more than a decade.

"It's not really about the money; it's more about interacting with the people," said Ford. "Some are local, some come from as far as West Virginia; we've had them from Canada."

One couple came from South Bend, Indiana just for the Roller Coaster Yard Sale this year.

"We found one thing -- a little bookshelf. A gentleman made it out of cedar," said Kevin and Michele Rose.

They said they're staying in South Central Kentucky through Saturday, so they can get the full experience of this mega yard sale.

For detailed information on the Roller Coaster Yard Sale, including a map of the route, click this