4th Vette City Con kicks off in Bowling Green

Published: Jan. 25, 2020 at 8:10 PM CST
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For the fourth year in row fans dressed up in their best horror or sci-fi costumes for Vette City Con in Bowling Green.

From comic books, to face painting, to a working R2-D2 from Star Wars there were several activities to enjoy.

The organizers of this event created it 4 years ago because there weren't any Comic-Con events like this in Bowling Green.

"I love that like tiny kids to grandparents can come and everybody's got something to be excited about because there are costumes, there are vendors, there are comic books and there are toy vendors and celebrities," said Chelsea Sheppard, co-organizer of Vette City Con. "So there's something for everyone to do and I love seeing the families come in and be able to enjoy it together."

One woman from Indiana traveled to attend and bring her handmade dragon, which started out as a hobby and now has become her full-time job.

"I am here because of the cons are my big attraction. I have gone to them for many years with my dragons," said Elizabeth Mattingly, vendor. "I hand sculpt each one and I wanted to bring them out to the community so everyone can see them. It is just the right fit for everybody here."

Vette City Con also had a few celebrities on hand including Butch Patrick from the Munster's.s

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