Lil' Angels Attic Spring sale kicked off Friday

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Lil' Angels Attic shop in Bowling Green kicked off its 2-day spring sale on Friday.

Doors opened this morning at 8 AM and people shopped all day. All proceeds will go to local organizations.

Lil' Angels Attic is the only non-profit consignment shop in Bowling Green, and co-chair Alex Trabue said she's excited about the turnout for the two-day event.

"This is a great turnout we are having a ton of people and a lot of shopping. It's great and it's definitely growing in the community," said Trabue.

The shop will be open until 8 PM Friday and from 9 AM to 2 PM on Saturday.

Over the years, Lil' Angels Attic has raised more than $153,000 for organizations throughout the community.