Student hunts for 'mystery couple' she captured in stunning engagement photo at Yosemite

A Notre Dame student snapped the viral photo at Yosemite National Park a few months ago when the couple was having professional engagement photos taken.
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(Gray News) – Faith Taylor is on a mission.

The Notre Dame student hopes to track down a couple she saw at Yosemite National Park a few months ago. They were getting professional engagement photos taken when she snapped a stunning picture of her own.

"At Yosemite, a couple was getting engagement photos taken and when I went to take a pic of their glory, a beam of LIGHT shown on them," Taylor tweeted. "I. Am. Emotional. Someone find them."

The tweet has been shared more than 17,000 times, but so far no luck.

"For the people asking, I didn't walk over to them then bc I was shy and didn't want to interrupt their professional photographer with my iPhone 6 photo hahaha," she said. "Going back through my photos a few months later I thought they may want to see it."

Taylor said she thought she had found the mystery couple, but it was a "false alarm."

The search continues.

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