70-year-old jailed for growing 93 marijuana plants in Barren County

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BARREN Co. (WBKO) -- A 70-year-old man lands in the Barren County Jail for the cultivation of 93 marijuana plants.

According to deputies, they went to a residence on Hiseville Bear Wallow Road, in Cave City for a drug complaint.

The owner and resident 70-year-old Jimmy Lee Edwards gave consent to have his property searched.

Officials then found approximately a quarter pound of processed marijuana that was being dried in an outbuilding.

Police also found about 89 marijuana plants at the edge of a cornfield and four more in the garden.

Authorities say when the plant is full grown they will be valued at $186,000 dollars.

Deputies also found a handgun and cash.

Edwards was arrested and charged with possession and cultivation of marijuana.

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