A new era of quarterbacks have taken over WKU

Published: May. 23, 2020 at 5:42 PM CDT
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Brandon Doughty. Mike White.

Two players whose names are littered all over the WKU passing record books.Two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot on the hill.

And two players that were coached and developed by Tyson Helton and Brian Ellis in their first stint at WKU as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

But the tall, stoic, pocket delivering quarterback could now be something of the past as Helton and Ellis are now bringing in smaller more mobile quarterbacks.

"When you look at this quarterback room I think there are guys that can be elite runners as compared to elite passers. And as we have seen in college football and now we have seen it with the Lamar Jackson in the pros and your Russell Wilson's of the world, you can make that work," says Red Towel Radio host Tyler Eaton.

Players like last seasons hero Ty Storey an undersized QB who would take a direct snap and run in between the tackles. And this years graduate transfer Tyrell Pigrome from Maryland who has racked up over 1,000 yards rushing in his college career so far, are the leaders of the changing of the guard of players that play under center for the Hilltoppers.

"I do think we are moving away from that template quarterback that we have seen from this offense and even in the NFL. I think we are starting to see a modernized quarterback room at WKU" says Eaton.

Pigrome, along with a number of guys at QB will play a huge part in the success of the Hilltopper program moving forward.

"Don't get me wrong Brandon Doughty was awesome, Ty Storey was awesome, I think they are trying to find more guys that can do more things with the ball whether that's throwing or running it. So I think this year we will have multiple guys coming in and also next year too. You bring in Chance McDonald now and he is a guy that's a duel threat as well. There's Tyrell Pigrome. two freshmen, and McDonald who are all duel threat kinds of quarterbacks as compared to what we had in the past of just throwing the ball. I think its a new mix and we will see how things go really with it" says Tyler Mansfield of WKU Rivals.

We don't know how successful this new mix will playout for the Tops, but it is an exciting brand of football that every Hilltopper fan should look forward to, starting this fall. And hopefully the new style can win the same way the old one did.