ACS senior awarded first "Gabbi Doolin Memorial Scholarship"

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An Allen County-Scottsville High School Senior has received the first scholarship in honor of the late 7-year-old Gabbi Doolin, killed in November, 2015.

Nearly a year after her death, Tuesday night's presentation of the "Gabbi Doolin Memorial Scholarship" is keeping her legacy alive, and making an impact on students in Allen County.

Gabbi's mother Amy has trouble putting into words, the emotion of Tuesday's presentation.

"It's always...bitter sweet, to see her name on that paper," she says.

But she knows that memory of her daughter can go a long way.

"We're very thankful," she explains, "that we're able to do this for people like Holly to be able to help with their education."

ACS Senior Holly Gaines was presented the scholarship Tuesday by Gabbi's older brother.

"It was really an honor," she says. "I didn't know her personally, but every child to me is special, and I just can't imagine what [the Doolin family] goes through."

"I want to go and be an elementary school teacher," Gaines continues, "and I want to make a mark in every child's heart so this has meant a lot to me."

"I didn't know Holly personally," says Amy Doolin, "but everything that we had been told about Holly, she's a wonderful young woman."

"She's a very special young lady and I think she's going to go far," she goes on.

Gabbi Doolin has been described by many as loving and playful, some calling her the epitome of happiness. It's that side of Gabbi that the Doolin family wants to remember.

In her memory, they hope to see this scholarship make a difference.

"I hope the award just gets bigger and bigger," expresses Amy Doolin. "I have a 5-year-old, so when he's older, he will be able to hand out the award, and that means something.

To donate to the "Gabbi Doolin Memorial Fund", you can visit the link attached to this story.

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