Adam Edelen comes up short, delivers concession speech

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) - Democrat Adam Edelen's political comeback has come up short as the former state auditor has conceded in his run for the Democratic nomination for governor in Kentucky.

State Auditor Adam Edelen

In his concession speech Tuesday evening, Edelen pitched his progressive ideas to the end. He talked about the need to build a modern state economy that includes creating renewable energy jobs in coal-producing Kentucky.

Edelen urged Democrats to rally around the party's gubernatorial nominee, who will challenge Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.

Edelen told supporters it was an honor to even get to run, and that it was about going forward, not left or right.

Edelen, who ran attack ads against rival Andy Beshear in the gubernatorial primary, described the primary squabbles as "family differences." Edelen says Bevin and his "radical cohort" will bring Democrats together.

Edelen's political rise took a sudden fall four years ago when he lost his reelection bid for state auditor.

During his concession speech a few hours after the polls closed, Edelen thanked his supporters. Some of those supporters in the crowd were visibly crying as he spoke, others when up to shake his hand after he stepped down from the podium.

Edelen was also open with media outlets, stepping off the stage to elaborate on his concession moments after his formal speech.

"I've always been accessible, and being accessible to the media and being accessible to regular Kentuckians has been a centerpiece of who I've been in public life for as long as I've been involved so I'm happy to continue that now, even in defeat," he said.

He said during this time, he's going to focus on his family.

"I'm going to raise my kids and I'm going to get re-introduced to my business. As you can imagine, this hasn't been good for either," he said.

Edelen went on to say, "We're going to get this solar deal in Eastern Kentucky and we're going to do a lot of other big things. Stay tuned."

Shortly after Edelen's concession speech, poll results revealed candidate Andy Beshear won the democratic party ticket and will face off against incumbent Governor Matt Bevin in November during the general election.

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