Allen County Schools add two more resource officers

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- You'll now be seeing more uniformed officers at the four individual schools in Allen County -- Allen County Scottsville High School, the Intermediate Center, James E Bazzell Middle School and the Primary Center.

A police car at a school was once a sight that would have been alarming, but now it's almost becoming a standard.

"Classroom with kids inside, we keep doors shut and locked," said Deputy Jeff Centers, School Resource Officer (SRO) at Allen County Scottsville High School, as he checks the classroom doors and walked through the hallways.

This is another new procedure and standard in schools these days.

"We're actually adding two SRO's. We started the school year with two," said Assistant Superintendent of Allen County Schools, Brian Carter.

"I just got sworn in Friday," explained Officer Charles Swiney, SRO at the Intermediate Center.

Allen County Schools reevaluated their safety procedures which resulted in hiring more resource officers.

"We can focus more on one school than having to do multiple schools like we was doing before," said Officer Bobby Jackson, SRO at James E Bazzell Middle School.

The job's sole mission is the, "safety of the children, that's our main concern," explained Officer Jackson.

This mission goes beyond the promise of 'to serve and to protect.'

"The main thing they do is try to build a relationship with students," said Carter.

"It's been great with the kids, they're all smiles, all high fives, it's been a lot of fun over there," said Deputy Nicholas Tabbert, SRO at the Primary Center.

Students now have become more familiar than ever with those in uniform.

"They want their kids, and their staff to be safe during their day, and not have to worry about things that we've seen on TV," said Officer Swiney. "Interacting with the kids and getting to show them that we're not the bad guy that some people portray us as."

Nowadays, pulling up to a school and seeing a law enforcement car in front is actually comforting. This may be an unfortunate reality to face, but also a necessary one.

"It will increase the security drastically. It's a great thing," said Officer Jackson.

"They're looking for potential hazards, for dangerous situations," explained Carter.

Allen County Schools would like to thank the city and county government officials for making the additions possible.