Allen County family devastated by house fire

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Just after noon Thursday, several fire trucks responded to a house fire on Harrison School Road.

Amber Fields lived at the home with her husband Brandon, and their two children.

Fields says her sons were making gingerbread houses when they noticed smoke coming from outside the home.

For five generations, it has not only been a house, but a home. Those years and years of memories are now scattered across the front yard.

"My great grandparents bought that house," said Fields.

The fire burned through her son Tristan's bedroom, which is the same bedroom that his grandfather grew up in.

Amber Fields can see the damage to their home from her parent's house next door. Her mother and father have welcomed Amber and her family with open arms.

"I've always been able to walk in [their] back door any time I wanted to," she said, "but to know that I had a place to lay my head down, and not have to worry about that, [it means a lot] just to know that you don't have to carry all the hurt by yourself."

At the end of the day, Fields is grateful that her family was uninjured.

"I have friends that have lost so much more than a house," she added. "We're all safe, and healthy, and I'm so thankful."

While the Fields family awaits word from their insurance company, support has been pouring in.

Her co-workers at TJ Samson Health pitched in to help her during this difficult time, but it hasn't been only friends and family pitching in.

Her father's co-workers at Henkel in Bowling Green, many of which have never met Amber and her family, were donating what they could find in their pockets.

"There are good people that care about each other that just care about people," she said.

A friend of the Fields Family has set up a special account at area US Bank locations, which you can find under her name (Laura Thompson).

There is also a Facebook fundraiser currently looking to help the Fields family, which you can find here.

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