Alvaton Elementary students sliding into their first day of school

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- It the first day of school in a lot of districts across Southcentral Kentucky today.

Students in Warren County started the new school year Wednesday.

At Alvaton Elementary School the kids had some fun sliding into their first day.

From rain to shine when walking into Alvaton Elementary this morning.

The school's brand new indoors slide was to credit for a lot of smiles, laughs and cheers this morning.

"How many schools have an indoor slide?" said 5th grader, Tyler Salvador.

Now this isn't something kids will get to do every day.

"It's all reward basis - it's not just any kids gets to go down the slide multiple times a day," said Jeremy McGinty, fifth grade math teacher at Alvaton Elementary School.

A positive incentive...

"it's not like ohhh you get to do this all you want . It's something you have toearn and i think it's a good reward." said Alex Collins, fifth grader.

However, on Wednesday, every kid got the chance to get in on the fun.

"Excited and nervous at the same time," said Salvador.

"It's like a surprise because 1 - you don't know who's going down," said Collins.

"It's a lot of fun, it's very windy," said Sarah Rowland, fifth grader.

Superintendent, Rob Clayton, even joined in with the kids.

"It was a lot of fun, but I think I'm a little big for the slide especially the curves," said Clayton. "We know that if we get the culture right, then the student learning will follow."

That culture already improving as kids slid into their first day of school.

"We're a really lucky school and that we have wonderful teachers here," said Rowland.

"There's nothing like the first day of school - all the smiling faces," said Clayton.

The school adopted this idea from a school in Atlanta when several teachers went there in 2016. They said it's been a long process to get it, but everyone, especially the kids are thrilled to have it.

It's safe to say, the indoor slide is a success.

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