Amy McGrath campaigns in Warren County for 2020 U.S. Senate run

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 8:47 PM CST
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Standing on a table at Little Fox Bakery in downtown Bowling Green, to address a crowd of supporters on her last campaign stop in Warren County, Amy McGrath discussed issues affecting not only Kentucky, but the nation.

"I'm here to talk to people, really to listen that's apart of this campaign, boy wouldn't it be nice to get back to people that actually listen? And so I think that's why I'm here and why I'll continue to come back and talk to as many people as I can," said McGrath.

The biggest issue McGrath says we're facing [as a nation] is rising medical insurance and prescription drug costs.

"We still have problems with health care in this country, and in Kentucky. I think the Affordable Care Act was not a perfect piece of legislation but it did a lot of good for Kentucky, we need to fix it and make it better. One of the things we need to do is work on prescription drug medication and pricing. Anyone that is on prescription medication knows that's it's going up and up and up," said McGrath. "And we've got guys like Senator McConnell that are bought off by big pharma that won't do anything about it. There are six bills that have been passed in the house already, that are bipartisan bills to get drug prices down. He won't even do anything on them, he won't even bring them to the floor. We have caravans here in the U.S., people have to go to Canada to buy insulin because they can't afford it here."

McGrath also says we need to stop siding with political parties.

"For too many people it's whether you wear a blue jersey or a red jersey, we need to get away from that. My husband is a life long Republican I'm a Democrat, I was an independent for many years. For me it's not about political party it's about the person. It's about doing what's right for Kentucky and doing what's right for our country and I really truly believe we need to get back to that and that's why I'm running."

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