Andy Beshear hosts last campaign rally in Mulhenberg County

CENTRAL CITY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Kentucky is just hours away from the polls opening in the primary election.

One of the most talked about races this year is the Kentucky Governor's race.

Candidates made their last stops on the campaign trail today. Democratic candidate, Andy Beshear, wrapped up his campaign in Western Kentucky.

"In our last stop and in our last rally and in our last day of campaigning, guess where we chose to be, right here in Muhlenberg County," said Beshear at the Central City Convention Center.

"I'm feeling great, we chose on the last day of our campaign to spend all day in Western Kentucky. We have made nine stops today in Western Kentucky and let me tell you, people are excited," said Beshear.

"We're going to win tomorrow, that's for sure. I can promise everyone that," said Darris Russell, former Muhlenberg County Attorney.

The Beshear campaign says they're confident in tomorrow's primary election and are looking ahead to beating Matt Bevin in the general election.

"We've been tasked with making sure that we pick the candidate who can beat Matt Bevin," said Lieutenant Governor candidate, Jacqueline Coleman.

Beshear and Coleman say affordable health care, the opioid epidemic and, of course, the highly discussed pension crisis are all vital issues in this election.

"Folks, it's in your hands. You're the ones that have to step up and make this happen. Tomorrow, I have one vote just like each one of you. We need to work hard tomorrow until six o'clock in the evening," said Andy's father, Steve Beshear, former Kentucky Governor.

Andy Beshear says his goal for today's rally was to thank Western Kentucky for their support.

"I'm the only candidate with Western Kentucky ties and we have seen people getting out all day saying they know that the Beshear and Coleman ticket will always have the best interest of Western Kentucky at heart. So, Western Kentucky I need you to get out and vote and we will revitalize this area together," Beshear said.

Andy Beshear will be casting his vote at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow in Louisville.

Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m.

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