Animals could be impacted by eclipse

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The eclipse will affect the South Central Kentucky community in a big way; however, it will also affect another group here in the area. Experts say that our pets and wildlife could be impacted by the eclipse, specifically during totality.

Domestic animals like dogs and cats are used to differences in light and dark, so they may not be impacted as significantly. As for farm animals, certain wildlife and insects, totality could bring an interesting response.

"Farm animals and wild animals are going to be more affected. As it gets dark in the middle of the day, birds are going to go to roost, larger farm animals may want to lay down and take a nap and be quiet. Nocturnal animals like bats, and things like that, might want to be out and about," says Dr. Paula Thorne, Veterinarian at All Cats and Dogs Veterinary Hospital.

Mosquitoes and/or crickets could also want to come out during the moments of darkness.

Dr. Throne says that since the eclipse will only last around two minutes, animals shouldn't experience too much stress or confusion.
However, anyone concerned that about a pet or farm animal getting anxious from the eclipse experience should contact their vet for information on how to comfort them.

"They may have some tranquilizers or a thunder shirt or some pheromones, or something to put your pet at ease," explains Dr. Thorne.

All Cats and Dogs Veterinary Hospital will be hosting an eclipse party at their offices on the big day. Snacks and viewing glasses will be provided.

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