Annee Lasley and Noah Haas

Annee Lasley
Greenwood High School
Annee has scored a 26 on her ACT and maintains a 4.0 GPA. Her future goals include finishing high school in the top 15 in her class and attending college to major pre-med and minor in health care administration. Outside of school, Annee is a member of the Greenwood Volleyball and Swim teams and she also enjoys watching moves, traveling, and being with friends when times allows. Annee participates in multiple extracurricular activities including FBLA, Oar Club, FCA, Outdoors Club, and National Honor Society.

Noah Haas
South Warren High School
As a junior, Noah maintains a 4.0 GPA and has earned a 25 on the ACT. Most of his spare time is spent playing soccer and spending time with his family. Noah enjoys backpacking, camping, and going to the lake. He is also a member of the Spartan Council, SpearIt Club, Beta Club, and German-American Partnership Program. While he does not know exactly what he wants to focus on in college, Noah is considering medicine for dermatology or radiology, physics for engineering, or mathematics to be a professor.