Annual Veterans Day parade in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- This year's Veteran's Day parade took place Saturday morning. With Veterans Day next Saturday, the parade is a tradition that celebrates our community's veterans.13 News reporter, Kelly Dean attended.

"I got to travel. I went overseas twice, I went around the world twice, I went across the equator, it was a very humbling experience made you appreciate the freedom that we had and what it took to keep it," says Wayne Hogue, veteran.

Folks from all ages lined the streets downtown to support our local heroes.

"Seeing how people came together to honor our veterans and to understand what it is to be an American. I like that," says Ron Whitlock.

The parade started at 6th and College, traveled past Circus Square & Fountain Square Parks, turned left onto 10th Street, turned left onto State Street and then ended at 6th and State Street.

"I've been in bowling green all my life, just about, and this is the biggest parade I've ever seen in Bowling Green," says Whitlock.

Vets and others local organizations participated in the parade.

"It was just an honor and a privilege to be apart of it and to see the people rallying and come together you know to support the veterans," says Hogue.

Some vets even dusting off their old uniforms.

"There was a World War II veteran out here that I got to meet and a veteran that was 101 years-old that was right behind us," says Mark Stamps, veteran.

They reminisced on their time in the service.

"Went all around the world, seen a lot of different things that was the benefit for me, but serving the country and protecting our flag was the most important," says Stamps.

The vets expressed their gratitude for the community numerous times.

"It means a lot for the community to come out and celebrate veterans days like this," says Stamps.

Meanwhile, local did the same towards vets.

"Thank you so much for your service, we love you, we stand up for america. This is a great place, always has been, always will be," says Whitlock.

An awesome day and heartfelt tradition to celebrate our local veterans.

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