At least 20 inmates involved in disturbance at Metro Corrections

Published: May. 31, 2020 at 1:12 PM CDT
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Louisville Metro Police confirmed an incident at Metro Corrections early Sunday morning where at least 20 inmates were involved in causing property damage within the jail.

LMPD Chief of Public Services Amy Hess said in a press conference Sunday that around 2:00 a.m., nine inmates in maximum security used a water cooler to break through an interior window, leading to a hallway with other cells on the sixth floor.

These inmates then used a table to break the window into other cells, and around 5 other dormitories were breached.

Around 20 inmates then made their way out of their cells to the interior walkway, and then accessed and damaged other equipment including tables, chairs, computers, and atrium windows.

135 inmates were incarcerated on the sixth floor at the time of the incident.

The Special Operations Response Team within the jail got the situation under control and were able to return the inmates back into secure areas.

Four of the inmates were seen by medical staff. Three of those inmates were then transported off to University Hospital, treated, and sent back to Metro Corrections.

No jail staff was injured. Hess also said that none of the individuals in the sixth floor of Metro Corrections were involved in any of the Louisville protests over the weekend.

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